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שוקלד Merci: תרגום מארז המותג לסינית, קופירייטינג ותרגום אתר


Storck KG  is one of the world’s largest producers of confectionery and chocolate. Among the famous brands are the original ‘verters’, ‘ toffee ‘ and ‘ mercycoffee candies .

The company’s entry into China was accompanied by a great deal of market research in China, where we took part in the translation and writing of the slogans into Chinese, using a carefully chosen copywriter and slogan. At the end of the process, a winning slogan was chosen.

The translation of the package was no more than 200 words, but the responsibility for the quality of the translation is great: the product is sold in millions of units in China. In addition, Limpid has translated the company’s website into Chinese. Link to the website: http://www.storck.us